Stride Collective is a curated guide for people who give a damn. A source that helps make it easy for you to discover well designed ethical, sustainable and artisan products that have a positive impact on people and our planet.

We don't exist to preach, convert or judge how you live your life; we're here to help you make better choices wherever you can. We know first hand that it's not easy living day-to-day in the real world while and saving the planet at the same time. The juggle is real. 

Starting to replace items in our life - one by one - with better alternatives is something we can all do. And sourcing products that are worthy of treasuring rather than trashing is what we do!  

All of the products that we recommend are discovered, researched and vetted by our team to ensure that they deliver against eight core values chosen to contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: "Ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns", as well as goals: 581314 and 15.

We believe that collectively, each small step can lead to giant strides into a better future for ourselves and the generations to come.

All businesses need to make money to function, sure. But purpose-driven businesses deliver services and products that align with their values; values the brands are passionate about and that are usually linked to improvements for our planet or the people on it. This includes their own production methods, the choice of materials that they use, the working conditions of the people who produce their products, the causes that they support and the committment to transparency.

Well, you're here - so that’s a good start. 

It’s all about building more awareness that every purchase decision we make is a vote that justifies or questions the ways in which brands create their services or products.

Sure, who doesn’t love a low price tag!? Unfortunately, the true cost is often ignored. Whether it's unsustainable consumption of natural resources, exploitation of the workforce or unfiltered levels of pollution and waste, there is often more to a “great offer” than meets the eye.

Conscious Consumers review their habits and purchase decisions with that in mind and deliberately spend their money on quality products that will last a long time and are created by purpose-driven brands that produce in a sustainable, ethical and low-waste way.

If that’s your schtick, then you just found a new group of amazing friends. Hooray!

Glad you asked! Now - we can either spend an entire weekend sitting around a campfire on the beach with a bottle of wine or you can look them up on the page we have dedicated to the values that drive the brands of the Stride Collective.

The short answer: It is a brilliant idea! To give you the long answer, our friends at I Equal Change produced this beautiful video.

Most likely because we haven’t come across them, yet. But if you are madly in love with a brand and believe it should be a member of the Stride Collective, then send us a note to hello@stridecollective.com. We are not afraid to fall madly in love, too.

All products featured on Stride Collective are hand-picked by our editors based on their quality and values. Our goal is to make it easy for you to discover the best ethical, sustainable and artisan products from around the world. 

When you see an “Add to Cart” button, it means that you can buy the product directly from us. In these cases, we’ve directly entered into a partnership with the artisan or brand. Once you buy from us, we notify the brand, who will send it flying to you on the carbon-neutral wings of a unicorn (or as close as they can get).

If you click a button that reads “Buy From...”, we connect you to the brand's website to learn more. From time to time this includes an affiliate link meaning that if you decide to buy a product, we receive a small commission.

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We curate a selecion of ethical, sustainable and artisan brands in one place, so you have one easy place to source them. We discover, research, test and hand-pick each product. But we don't stock or warehouse them.

You do the buying through our site, then we pass your order onto each brand or artisan to make and send to you themselves. Many of these items are made by hand and with passion and care, so they may take longer than their mass-produced alternatives, but they are definitely worth the wait.

Because the products that you've carefully selected are sent by the brands themselves, parcels from different sellers may arrive separately. To get an idea of when you can expect your order, take a look at the delivery information nestled beside the product info on each item’s page.

We’re so glad you asked! Homework is our jam! We take the research and selection of all the products that we recommend very seriously and match all potential products and brands to our Values. And given that we are all about promoting better - not perfect - we don’t expect a brand to tick all the boxes, but rather to be strongly delivering against one or more in a measurable and transparent way.